Film analysis and comparison of documentaries

Documentaries can cost only a few thousand dollars, with small crews, single camera set-ups and few if any paid talent.

And that if you include the people who are underinsured, more people than in the United Kingdom. In recent years there have been several attempts by mass media to explore the topic of what it means to be transgendered.

Answers may be presented orally or in writing -- you can decide based on the skills you'd like students to practice. Sanjay Gupta on Sicko. The pervasive amount of violence found in both films also becomes noteworthy when looking for parallels between the two.

You can assign Film analysis and comparison of documentaries to watch the same interview or have each student choose an interview from a list that you create of interviews with filmmakers who have made films on topics related to your curriculum.

This can be presented to advanced students as an open-ended task--just ask them what they notice. Directors and writers help structure the film, rather than creating characters or taking liberties with the facts of the story.

Those cues are conventions of the genre. Natalia Almada Almada, who has made several films about Mexican history and life in the U. So that is their biggest concern. Together the class is going to examine what makes a documentary a documentary and whether or Film analysis and comparison of documentaries documentaries tell the truth.

Throughout this documentary Moore enlightens us on the subject of guns in America, but in my opinion I really feel that he is depicting our countries culture of violence. What types of shots are used. Answers might include humor, commentary or lending an air of authority or truth to the message being conveyed.

If necessary, remind students that they are meant to be analyzing how the clip is constructed rather than the filmmakers' message s. Who or what is on screen most of the time. Watch an interview independently and summarize its main points. Like the French health care system, Norwegian patients treated for illnesses such as psoriasis or rheumatism are shown eligible for two weeks' paid vacation at a spa in the Canary Islands.

Documentaries can cost only a few thousand dollars, with small crews, single camera set-ups and few if any paid talent.

Alternately, let students choose from the recommendations listed below. Moore would be referred to as a "Hollywood entertainer" or "Hollywood moviemaker" to associate the film as being grounded in entertainment without any basis in objective reality.

He agreed that Sicko contained "a great truth" which he said was "that we shouldn't fear government involvement in our health care system.

Keep a Close Watch: Analyzing a Documentary's Strengths and Weaknesses

In the letter to Moore, a Treasury official noted that the department had no record of Moore obtaining a license that authorized him to "engage in travel-related transactions involving Cuba," alleging that Moore violated the United States embargo against Cuba.

I personally feel that if members of the gay community were to watch this they would be disappointed they were represented in this aspect.

The difference between documentary and feature film can be obvious or subtle. On The Tonight ShowMoore reported that he was notified that a subpoena regarding his trip to Cuba had already been issued.

The former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine criticizes various practices of pharmaceutical companies and the Food and Drug Administration. This will provide students a chance to practice so that they can watch and analyze interviews by themselves later on.

After delay, K-Mart eventually came out and announced that they were phasing out of gun ammunition. Fact or Fiction Feature films are mostly fiction, sometimes total fantasy.

This film emphasizes on how sex is portrayed and displayed in America in comparison to other countries. We have huge numbers of people who are also just a lay-off away from joining the ranks of the uninsured, or being purged by their insurance company, and winding up there. Reality In general, the main reason feature films get made is to entertain the audience; to give people an escape.

Film Comparison Reservoir Dogs and the Killing

Documentaries are meant to inform; to confront people with reality: Advanced students may be asked to compare and contrast two of these interviews. He is great at the craft of documentaries, and in my opinion it is one of the best that I have ever seen. This discussion came in the wake of arguments and debates about the biological basis for homosexuality in these conversations so continue.

Watch an interview together as a class. A Comparison of Student Activism in American History; Mental Health in Special Education: Comparing the s to Today View your assigned film on your Expected length is at least words (or longer). Submit as a WordPress post (category = Video analysisby.

My consulting practice focuses on the planning, development, funding, production, distribution and marketing of documentaries, specials, series, giant screen and online projects.

The work ranges from CEO-ready business plans to short-term consults. Documentary film analysis of “CONTROL ROOM”.

In MarchAmerican and British forces invaded Iraq with the intention to overthrow the regime of the dictator Saddam Hussein, and the Gulf War erupts. Comparison of Two Films essaysIn that paper, I will try to compare two films which are "A Birth of a Nation" directed by degisiktatlar.comth and "The Bicycle Thieves" directed by De Sica.

After giving the story of the films, I will try to explain their technical features and their s. Feature films and documentaries are part of the living history of filmmaking; they grow, mature and change with time.

The difference between documentary and feature film. Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet Words | 10 Pages.

What’s the Difference between Documentary and Feature Film

Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet History – African American History Before Instructions: You will find the list of films you can choose from in the Assignment tab. Go to the list and pick your film. You must view the entire film.

Film analysis and comparison of documentaries
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