Cross cultural understanding of india and germany

She did not mind my request, but in her warm culture way, she had assumed we'd sleep in the same room and same bed. In business, Germans do not freely share information among the various levels of the same organization. This comes from the hierarchal structure they use to have in work life.

When it comes to business style there are quite a few characteristics about which Germans should be aware of. We started work at around 10 o. Therefore one could say the Indian culture as well as an affective-oriented community.

Cross-cultural understanding of India and Germany with regards to business Essay

Furthermore they will offer one a wide range of traditional food and it is impolite not to take the invitation. This level of global competence starts at ground level- the university and its faculty- with how they generate and transmit cross-cultural knowledge and information to students.

Coming from a individualistic culture it might be difficult to adapt to a collectivistic culture and to understand the corporate culture of an Indian company. It helps to learn a bit of the language and study how closely to stand and other nonverbal behaviors.

An overnight guest from a warm culture may feel hurt if you put him or her up in a hotel instead of at your home. Unlike almost any other country Germany was mainly involved in one of the most horrible and darkest periods in world history.

The lecturers wore mostly other traditional clothes but were not obligated to wear Saris. Brochures aimed at the German market should be serious in tone, go into lengthy detail, and make claims that can be proven.

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Working in India, Cultural Awareness; Tips on doing business in India; An important tradition in India is to take off the shoes before entering a room or a building. Working in India, Cultural Awareness; Tips on doing business in India; An important tradition in India is to take off the shoes before entering a room or a building.

Many of the white wines, like Riesling from Alsace, are famous worldwide. Be sure to indicate whether spouses and children are also invited to parties you are hosting.

Although Indians might be late at work or at a meeting, it is still supposed that the other side is there on time. Some cultures place enormous importance on which groups they belong to and how strong their attachment is to those groups.

The one difficulty that comes into play is paralanguagehow something is said. Hence, it developed a tendency to put rules and procedures before people.

Considering the German culture, it can be said that it is a strongly universalistic culture. Due to this breakdown in several parts many cultural differences could flourish Vermeer,p. For this reason, asking to stay with a cold culture host for an extended period of time might sound overwhelming to him or her.

Indian communication styles, presentation skills, motivational strategies, and issues resolution styles To acquire practical skills and behaviors and develop best practices to effectively and productively communicate with the Indian team, to include business and social contexts, pro-active listening and feedback skills, practical discussion, negotiation, e-mails, face-to-face meetings and teleconferences Module One: When Americans go out to dinner after a work day, they continue to talk about work; when the French go to dinner, they talk about everything but work.

Without knowing the Indian body language it will be difficult to understand the other side and it may cause a conflict that could have been prevented. Our qualified German trainers and skilled intercultural consultants will provide guidelines on adapting appropriately to cultural differences to ensure successful collaboration with your German business partners.

They accept their positions which also imply that people are fixed in these positions and are not very flexible in doing things other than their usual tasks.

During the lunch the head of the department and the boss sat together whereas in another room the other colleagues where having lunch. In both cultures the majority has a more specific attitude, whereas in Germany the tendency is much clearer.

However, here are some points for you, the hot culture host, to consider when hosting someone from a cold culture. Food and the distinct German Cuisine, as well as German wines. In Germany it is considered to be normal, for example being on time whereas in India it is considered to be normal when being late.

Also aggressiveness is not very likely to be seen in Indian companies. In addition Indians do not like gestures; too much physical contact could intimidate them.

What are “hot” and “cold” cultures?

Beside this, Germans are also famous for their Germanic sense of time. Nigel Holden for being based on the culture concept derived from 19th century cultural anthropology and emphasizing on culture-as-difference and culture-as-essence. The family got up earlier than me because they began their day with a prayer.

Cross-Cultural Awareness. The Cross-Cultural Training – Germany generates awareness for cultural values and business practices in provides guidelines for developing business relations and understanding the structure of organizations in Germany.

India is a country of both diversity and continuity made up a unique blend of cultures, religions, races and languages. The nation’s identity and social structure remain protected by a rich cultural heritage that dates back at least 5, years, making India one of the oldest civilisations in the world.

The study compares six very different countries (Germany, India, Iran, Poland, Spain, and the Netherlands), drawing on an overall sample of 1, students and their assessments of entrepreneurial career intentions. A Cross-Cultural Approach to Understanding Entrepreneurial Intention Such a test of cross-cultural concept equivalence.

Cross-cultural understanding of India and Germany with regards to business

India has become the offshore outsourcing capital of the world. Cultural differences between Indians and your employees can significantly add costs to your Indian engagement and create a negative impact on your benefits.

Cross-cultural communication

1 The German understanding of the professional 16 Task orientation 16 The considerable cultural differences within Germany are also ignored here: Belarus, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Turk-menistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Th guide book will help our group of. Understanding Cultural Differences in Hospitality. April 24, Hosting and being hosted looks very different in Germany than it did in India. Cultural differences can range from entertaining to frustrating, people will sense that no matter your level of cross-cultural savvy.

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