Analyzing juno and the paycock by sean o casey

On the other hand, Bentham espouses a religion by the name of Theosophy.

Juno and the Paycock

His walk is a slow consequential thrust. This means the stupid civil war is turning into traitors because of its nothingness and hollownesspurposelessness. Therefore, modern writers seek for some focal point which would be equally meaningful to various people.

But suddenly the mood of the play changes when Captain Boyle and Joxer Daly come in. In fact this whole episode is a merry comedy, although on the background we can also perceive the tensions of the funeral. The European writers want to write on contemporary themes. People like Captain Boyle think that if they work under them, they will be promoting the interest of the foreign exploiters.

There is nothing predicable in Ireland. She is very much active in trade union. The whole play highlights the cruel irony that while many people were fighting for ideals and principles there were others who were suffering from the debilitating effects of the poverty.

The action takes place in the living-room of a two-room tenancy occupied by the Boyle family in a tenement house in Dublin. His mother nursed him in very poor circumstances. Thirdly, they are destroying the culture and the civilization of Ireland. He enjoys the company of courtiers like companion and of some sycophant who adores him in flattery and always praises him.

The domestic tragedy, which mainly springs out form pregnancy, is due to the inhumanity of the male. Juno runs the house. Earlier Johnny had undoubtedly behaved heroically but the hellish civil war compelled him to betray his comrade. Main Ireland got independence after the 1st World War.

He is a feministic writer. That male chauvinist society cannot tolerate a mistake by a young girl. Captain Boyle represents the old aristocracy of Ireland which is now in the bas state because of the political upheaval in Ireland.

Some writers create their own myths as in the Later Romantic period and in Early Modern period. While men are irresponsible, careless, coward and drunkard, they are not at all ready to pick up any responsibility or to do any betterment for the sake of home rather they are becoming the case of degeneracy for the home and are adding fuel to the fire.

They together boast of nationalism but they never bother about their homes. The son Johnnie is a republican who was wounded in Easter Week and can no longer work. Actually, on the whole, farce in the play, is verbal — the repartee, the comic catchphrases, the cumulative comedy of repetition.

Many English and Scottish interpretive have come to settle in Ireland. In a disintegrated society, myths provide a focus and a centrifugal face. Inflation and deflation both are comic. She is a conventional wife. The other reason is that due to contemporary chaos communications have become difficult because there is no share of feelings.

Juno and the Paycock.

Juno and the Paycock Study Guide and Summary

But there are a number of comic elements in the play which would not fit into the pattern of a tragedy. So, when we talk with reference to the myths of Oedipus, Hamlet, Pygmalion, Byzantium, Electra, the communication becomes easy.

Juno is the goddess of household in Greek mythology. They want to write on mundane level, but now modern themes are trivial. To both, war is an evil, fought under any pretext, excuse. But their mock-intellectual discussion is interrupted by the voice of a coal vender.

His lame excuses produce nothing but laughter. His refuses to face up to the truth and reality about Bentham and the deception surrounding the news of the will.

They themselves become the cause of civil war and play a double role. But this inhumanity is not just caused by foreigners. The action takes place in the living-room of a two-room tenancy occupied by the Boyle family in a tenement house in Dublin.

The central character of the play, Juno, has many of the qualities of Sean O’Casey’s mother and some of his sister Bella. O’Casey’s “Juno and the Paycock” is a tragi-comedy although, on the whole, it is a serious and somber play having much destruction and violence.

But there are a number of comic elements in the play which would not fit into the pattern of a tragedy. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Juno and the Paycocke by Seán O’Casey.

Juno and the Paycock Analysis

Juno and the Paycock, a play by Seán O’Casey first staged inis about tenements in Ireland in the s. The play Juno and the Paycock, written by Sean O'Casey, tells the story of the Boyle family. The play takes place in a Dublin tenement injust after the Irish Civil War began.

The Boyle. To the extent possible under law, Sean O'Casey has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Juno and the Paycock: ACT I, except where otherwise noted. Share This. “Juno and the Paycock” by Sean O’Casey is set amidst the height of the Irish Civil War.

Throughout the play, we can see the titular character’s, Juno Boyle and Jack Boyle, relationship deteriorate, and how dramatic events in their lives and the lives of their children.

Analyzing juno and the paycock by sean o casey
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