An overview of racial violence and the idea of masculinity

The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy. Beer is shown as a reward for a job well done. Some forms of destructive and exaggerated masculinities or hypermasculinity [Herek ] often develop among socially marginalised men in urban slums and emphasise power and force.

Perhaps the most important influences are queer theory Butler ; Sedgwick and intersectionality theory Crenshawwhich contribute with norm-critical, anti-essentialist perspectives on gender. Through this, the aim is to help participants to do masculinity in new ways, which in the end they may practise outside the programme.

The programme is explicitly inspired by masculinity theory, particularly hegemonic masculinity and hypermasculinity Herekeven if the link to the concept of hegemonic masculinity varies in the different parts of the material.

We first provide an overview of the theoretical concept of hegemonic masculinity that is our focus, then we describe the context of the dialogue between South Africa and Sweden; in the next section we discuss challenges that may arise in the course of deploying the concept of hegemonic masculinity in interventions and highlight a case study of the intervention Machofabriken [The Macho Factory] from Sweden.

The notion of hegemony has its roots in the writing of Gramsci and is a essentially a position of dominance attained through relative consensus rather than regular force, even if underpinned by force Gramsci Lately, it feels as if we have to consider a new moral outrage almost daily.

Another understanding of hegemonic masculinity that has been debated and examined is that it is a problem not only for women, but also for men.

He urges social researchers to begin developing theories and concepts that can improve an understanding of how more positive, alternative and less dominant masculinities may develop even if these are always embedded in local gender power relations.

In addition to taking more risks, men appear to be more capable of managing risk and performing under stress than women [ How to reference and link to summary or text ].

Gender activists contribute to theory by translating in practical, hands-on contexts, an abstract concept into constituent parts and, at the same time, contribute to understandings of how gender relations, identities and regimes are transformed and what the obstacles are that prevent movement.

Masculinity & Violence, and the Violence of Masculinity

In many episodes, Homer Simpson is portrayed as choosing to spend time at the bar drinking " Duff Beer " over spending time with his wife and children. The programme also employs exercises designed to create a secure and open environment by developing communication skills in competent group leadership.

They are the personification of danger in the eyes of much of the public and the police. Society, the Person and Sexual Politics. This was manifested in political and cultural exclusion, legal violence, street violence, and economic discrimination. We show how, in South Africa and Sweden, the concept has been used to inform theoretically-based gender interventions and to ensure that men are brought into broader social efforts to build gender equity.

Geography of masculinities[ edit ] Change in locally specific constructions of hegemonic masculinity has been a consistent theme of masculinity research, but given the growing attention to globalization, the significance of transnational arenas for the construction of masculinity has also been argued.

Patriarchy was shaped in relation to racial inequalities, traditional social structures and economic disparities, and these were key intersectional features of the gender order.

Hegemonic masculinity

Racial profiling was evident in the fact that police officers had stopped Castile at the borders between black and white neighborhoods in and around St. What is Hegemonic Masculinity.

Findings of a Cross-Sectional Study. The struggle of Black men because of their race cannot be discounted when describing their struggles of a man.


Destructive forms of violence are enabled when less severe forms of violence are enjoyed and used to create different forms of homosociality.

In American colleges, young men view their manhood as developing in a moment that is socially dominated by alcohol. For example, interventions such as the IMAGE microfinance and gender intervention in South Africa, which addressed the material insecurity of women and their gendered subordination, have been shown to enable women to protect themselves from intimate partner violence two years after the intervention, whereas, by contrast, just engaging women in microfinance or elsewhere gender interventions alone is not effective Pronyk et al.

Masculinity: A Depiction of White Manhood vs. Black Manhood

The hierarchical nature of the military is used to enforce, replicate, and enhance hegemonic masculinity. War and changing concepts of masculinity.

in disrepair” — and along with it the traditional idea that soldiers were the exclusive “emblems of masculine power.” Soldierly traits that had included “a tolerance for violence and close-mouthed endurance of duty,” he wrote, were challenged by emerging alternative visions of manhood.

While in Cambridge, the youthful scholar — author of “American Babylon,” a treatment of post-World War II urban decline and racial unrest in Oakland, Calif.

Masculinity: A Depiction of White Manhood vs. Black Manhood

— is. While in Cambridge, the youthful scholar — author of “American Babylon,” a treatment of post-World War II urban decline and racial unrest in Oakland, Calif. — is writing a historical overview of post America. His lens: gender and sexuality. Masculinity: A Depiction of White Manhood vs.

Black Manhood. in. Reading Reflection; especially this idea of violence as a warrant for masculinity, can be translated across race and class due to the image system of power and masculine qualities such as size, strength and an advantage over women. The historical racial construct of.

Hegemonic masculinity

Katz notes that masculinity is the privileged gender like white is the privileged race so the hegemonic constructs due to these categories normalizes white male violence in. and social norms that support violence Series of briefings on violence prevention Overview Cultural and social norms can encourage violence.

Rules or expectations of behaviour – norms – within a cultural or social group can (including rape) is a marker of masculinity (e.g. South Africa [39]). L Sex and sexuality are taboo subjects.

An overview of racial violence and the idea of masculinity
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