A discussion on creationism and evolution

Thomas AquinasSumma Theologica I, q.

Creation Vs. Evolution

Progressive creationists accept the evolutionary viewpoint of the age of the earth, which we feel is in error see our article on age of the earth. English version by Derek Bryce. Can students learn about animals without talking about evolution.

If you are interested, click here to examine the scientific evidence recorded at UC Berkeley yourself. That which is clearly accountable in a natural way, is not, without reason to be ascribed to a miraculous power. The following image was posted on this web site's page: We have copies of all of the web references in case any of them are removed from their web sites.

Yet, some fossils like clams are found in all strata, including rock layers at mountain tops. He argued that life was so intricately designed and interconnected as to be analogous to a watch.

Scopes accepted, and he confessed to teaching his Tennessee class evolution in defiance of the Butler Act. Radiometric isochron dating techniques reveal whether contamination has occurred, while numerous theoretical calculations, experiments, and astronomical observations support the notion that decay rates are constant.

We are saying that the existence of layers in the earth does not prove the passage of any specific time. Does this happen anywhere today. No explanation of cosmological processes, nor biological change for that matter. This is not correct scientific procedure.

Foundations of Evolution

The Times of 7 March, reported that some were of the opinion that the case was "a signal of things to come, with more and more fundamentalist groups trying to flex their not inconsiderable influence in schools across the country".

The Watchmaker analogy was put by Bernard Nieuwentyt and referred to several times by Paley. For example, if you wanted to measure the distance between Los Angeles and New York, you could fly a jet airplane at a constant speed and measure the time the flight takes.

So, lets review that one again — Scientific Theories must: The Little Rock Ministerial Association supported Epperson's challenge, declaring, "to use the Bible to support an irrational and an archaic concept of static and undeveloping creation is not only to misunderstand the meaning of the Book of Genesis, but to do God and religion a disservice by making both enemies of scientific advancement and academic freedom.

However, the theory actually precedes modern evolutionary thinking and was suggested by some of the earliest Christian writers.

Creation & Evolution

Furthermore, [the Butler Act] requires the teaching of nothing. The Victoria Institute had the stated objective of defending "the great truths revealed in Holy Scripture Accepting evolution does not require accepting atheism.

Would they stay put and untouched on the ground long enough to be covered by dirt eventually and become fossilized. The schoolteacher John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution and fined, although the case was later dismissed on a technicality.

There is no question that the large number of fossils testifies to the accuracy of the creation model rather than the theory of evolution model. Evolution is Only a theory.

Many different types of fossils are found mixed in with one another. God crushes a sea monster in this verse, reminding me of Pacific Rim.


The calendar was widely accepted. The same is true if you use isochron dating to measure something that is only a few thousand years old. Waters was a legal case in which the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit struck down Tennessee's law regarding the teaching of "equal time" of evolution and creationism in public school science classes because it violated the Establishment Clause.

Simultaneously, the developing science of geology indicated the Earth was ancientand religious thinkers sought to accommodate this by day-age creationism or gap creationism. A worldwide flood would kill all the animals except for some that normally live in water and most of the vegetation.

Unfortunately, it seems that many people are so committed to the theory of evolution that they can not admit that their theory is failing on every front.

They are thought to have evolved from more primitive precursors.

Class Discussion on Evolution

Emerging differences led some[ according to whom. He showed that thousands of layers were deposited over a number of days rather than being laid down gradually over long 4.

- "Intelligent Design Creationism and its Critics is a great fat collection of essays that examine [the thesis of intelligent design] from every imaginable angle.

The debate ranges freely over genetics, theology, the history of science and the theory of knowledge. Evolution and Creationism Open Debate has 12, members. A place for open discussion and debate about issues related to evolution and creationism.

Sep 22,  · This is a clip from a recent discussion I had with an evolutionist. Jul 06,  · Evolution vs. Creation There are comments on the Best of New Orleans story from Jan 6,titled Evolution vs. Creation. God and Evolution: Creation, Evolution and the Bible, Hodder and Stoughton. By far the best discussion I know (from an orthodox Protestant perspective) of the development of creationism, its heretical nature, its antiscientific bent, and it includes a pretty good discussion of evolution, and the history of the science.

Evolution Versus Creationism. Is evolution a science? Is creationism a science? Is there evidence for either? Learn more about the nature of evolution and evolutionary theory, but also explain some of the more common complaints and where they go wrong.

A discussion on creationism and evolution
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Creation Versus Evolution